Sunday, April 15, 2012

What's in a road . . . a POTHOLE of course!

What can make you forget that a road has been pretty good? Several hours of back breaking, wish you had an air plane, wish you were already home, driving! The road is of course an attempt at man-made, but the scenery is ALL GOD! Check out these beautiful photos of God's creation.

Now, the man-made scenery takes on all sorts of characteristics: funny, sad or down-right scary. Here is some proof :o)

This sign needs some translation. It reads: "Be careful, there are holes that may cause death." OK, thanks for that bit of information! And yes, there were holes on the ONLY bridge that would get us on our way. Prayer is such a powerful thing :o)
  Here is a picture of the above mentioned "may cause death" holes in bridge. The brown stuff below the bridge is lots, lots, and lots of brown rushing water.
This is one of the markets along the "major highway" up to the North. This is a small one, usually its wall to wall people. The road is really good through here, that's why its so good for the market.

Who wouldn't want to see one of these signs as they travel??
 I just love this picture, you share the road with just about anything. I call this the fruit delivery truck. They are also used to carry lumber, food, people and sometimes small cars, ha ha.

This picture says it all!

Who can spot the asphalt??

This type of picture never gets old. This takes the idea of how many people can get into one vehicle to a whole new level. These four guys were the lucky ones, there were about 15 in the back of this small truck.

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